The Story of VivaStix

After decades of reading nutrition labels and sifting through misleading statements like “evaporated cane juice” (aka SUGAR), and looking for supplements that fit our lifestyles, we were exhausted. Why is it so difficult to find a supplement brand that NEVER puts junk in their products? Leftover animal parts (and human hair), unnecessary sugar, sucralose, aspartame, the list goes on. We had enough, so we started our own company in Austin, TX and created VivaStix Instant Energy!

We are mere mortals at Team Viva, and choose to live our lives by caring a little more about what we consume, and it doesn’t include waste products from industrial processing plants. We also know that there is a finite amount of time in the day (and in our lives, but that’s a deeper discussion for another time). So why waste it on measuring supplement powders? We want every minute to count - whether it’s spent working out, playing games with friends & family, or even just sleeping. We prepackage all of our supplements to fit your needs, and use biodegradable packaging whenever possible (it’s very difficult to maintain shelf life with eco-friendly packaging). We also avoid pills, because, well, we don’t enjoy taking pills. Ever had those massive multivitamins that you have to psych yourself up for before swallowing?

The reason why we are so passionate about transparency after years of trying to avoid garbage products: if the company you’re buying supplements from is misleading you on their ingredients and nutrition facts, what else are they misleading you on? The ingredients and nutrition facts should be the main reason you buy a supplement!

Our bodies won’t last forever, but we can take a proactive approach to being as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

VivaStix - go forth and be fit!