Frequently Asked Questions

VivaStix are made from a blend of vitamins and minerals that have shown evidence in increasing energy, focus, brain health, and more. See more about our ingredients here.

Stick packs end up in the landfill. Tubes are recyclable, resealable, and easier to pour.

VivaStix are made in the USA. We use facilities in several states to manufacture VivaStix, but our headquarters are in Austin, TX.

After years of testing, the chances are high. But if you don't, let us know. If you have any issues with your order we will refund your purchase. Have feedback for us? Send to:

Not yet, but soon. Let us know what flavors you want to see next.

Currently, you can only buy VivaStix online and in a few select stores in Austin, TX. But we hope to be in a store near you soon.