What makes VivaStix Muscle better than the rest?

Improved muscle growth, quicker workout recovery, and less fatigue... all in one! It all starts with premium ingredients, in a carefully crafted formula:

Many BCAAs sold today are made out of animal byproducts like feathers, skin, and even human hair! Skeptical? Give your favorite non-vegan BCAA company a call and ask where their amino acids are sourced (hint: if they don't tell you, it's because they are made from waste products).

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How many calories and net carbs are there in VivaStix Muscle?
There are zero net carbs in VivaStix Muscle!

There are approximately 45 calories in one serving - each gram of amino acid is around 4 calories. If you see a label on another BCAA product that shows fewer than 4 calories per gram of amino acid, it is misleading

Compared to protein: a leading brand of pea protein powder has 130 calories and 4.5g of BCAAs per serving. That's nearly 3x the calories, and it has fewer BCAAs! Compared to a leading brand of whey protein, it's not much better, with 120 calories and 5g of BCAAs.

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Why BCAAs, glutamine, and beets?

Branched-chain amino acids ("BCAAs"), glutamine, and beets (nitrate) increase muscle growth, promote muscle protein synthesis, decrease recovery time and can prevent fatigue.

BCAAs are made up of the three most important amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) in the creation and maintenance of muscles. These are crucial in calorie restricted diets (i.e. those of us trying to lose body fat), when muscle retention is important. If you are trying to get "cut" - BCAAs should be incorporated into your diet, and your overall calorie consumption should be less than if you were trying to get "swole".

Glutamine is a building block of protein and a critical part of the immune system. The average person (you should work out harder than the average person!) likely gets enough glutamine through their everyday diet, but we think it's important enough to supplement. During intense training, glutamine levels diminish rapidly, which can decrease strength, stamina and recovery time. Glutamine is vital in protein metabolism and anti-catabolism, which prevents the breakdown of your muscles. In short, similar to BCAAs, glutamine is important for people looking to lose fat while retaining muscle.

Beets contain high levels of naturally occurring nitrate, which, after being broken down by the body, boosts available nitric oxide. This can lead to improved athletic performance via dilating (widening) blood vessels, increasing blood flow and allowing more oxygen to reach your muscles. Nitrate (beet root powder) is best consumed pre-workout.

vegan bcaa glutamine beets build muscle workout recovery lose weight single serving packet
vegan fermented glutamine bcaa beets build muscle workout recovery lose weight single serving packet
vegan fermented glutamine bcaas beets build muscle workout recovery lose weight single serving packet







 We don't sell anything that we don't believe in. And what makes us believe in something? Science.

Peer-reviewed research on BCAAs:

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