Athletes and why they love VivaStix!

Marvin Kimble
Gymnast, Team USA

"VivaStix give me the energy I need to get through practice and the recovery I need to make it through my next session. Truly best of both worlds!"

Lisa Reed
World-renowned strength & conditioning expert

"Thank you Vivastix for the convenient packet of BCAA’s & Glutamine that assist my muscles repair and recover so I can stay lean and happy post workout and beyond!"
Lisa is, to put it bluntly, incredible. She was the first female strength and conditioning coach at the United States Naval Academy.

Sabrina "Running Brina"
Marathoner | Coach | Creator

"I'm super impressed by the product and its amazing effects on my workouts. The taste is great, very natural and not like most BCAA's which taste very chemical and are too sweet."

Kyle Kenny
Ironman Competitor & Endurance Athlete

"As an elite endurance athlete and full time personal trainer, I am always on the hunt for top shelf, clean quality supplements. After finding VivaStix, my training regiment has been elevated significantly, allowing me to perform better and recover faster. VivaStix is my new daily go to!"

Chinedu Ogueri "Mr. O"
Marathon Runner, Track & Field Athlete

"Don't just crush your workouts, crush your recovery! I do mine with VivaStix."

Eve Dawes
WBFF Pro Diva

"VivaStix make taking BCAA's on the go easy and convenient. The flavor isn't overpowering and it blends easily with water."

Michele Forgione
Professional Golfer

"I love the taste of the VivaStix cherry limeade, it contains only natural flavors, colors and sweeteners so I feel healthy both inside and out."